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Hair Clipper Blades£5.00
Dog clipper blades £8.00
Horse clipper blades £10.00
Horse clipper servicing£30.00
Dog clipper servicing£20.00
Sheep shearing blades£4.00
Topiary shear£5.00

Remove small nicks £1.00
Remove large nicks deeper than 1mm£2.00
Re-tip minor damage £1.00
Re-tip MAJOR damage more than 3mm wide £2.00
Re-heel £2.00
Hunting Knives£0.75 per 1cm
Kitchen & Serrated Knives£0.30 per 1cm of blade
Ceramic Knives£0.60 per 1cm of blade

Veterinary scissors £5.00
Cheaper general duty household types £5.00
Fiskars & Embroidery scissors £5.00
Rotary Cutter Blades £2.00
Pinking shears £10.00
Dressmaking / Tailoring scissors £10.00
Dog grooming scissors £12.00
Hairdressing scissors or thinners £20.00

Oboe ToolsFrom £3.50*
Circular Saw 100-350mm diameter£0.25 per tooth
Circular Saw 350mm and bigger diameterfrom £0.35 per tooth*
Circular Saw Re-tipping from £3.50 per tooth*
Hand Saw£20.00
Guillotine BladesFrom £0.60 per 1 cm*
Chipper BladesFrom £0.60 per 1 cm*
Round Chipper Blades£6.00
Thicknesser BladesFrom £0.15 per 1 cm*
Wood Chisels less 20 mmFrom £3.00*
Wood Chisels bigger 21mm& Plane IronsFrom £5.00*
Mower BladesFrom £5.00*
Chainsaw Sharpening up to 40cmFrom £6.00*
Chainsaw Sharpening 41-60cmFrom £8.00*
Chainsaw Sharpening 61cm and bigger From £10.00*
Petrol or Electric Hedge TrimmersFrom £20.00*
Wood AxeFrom £5.00*
Secateurs & Garden ShearsFrom £4.00*
Drill BitsFrom £1.00*
Router bits£4.00
* price can be variable depends on condition and quality

Mandolin Blades & Food Processor BladesFrom £5.00
Mincer Blade or Plate £3.50
Pizza Wheels £2.50
Kebab cutters (Easycut Blade etc.) £3.50
Ceramic Knives£0.60 per 1cm of blade

Mower Blades£5.00
Chainsaw Sharpening£6.00
Petrol or Electric Hedge TrimmersFrom £20.00
Wood Axe's, Secateurs & Garden Shears£5.00