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We Provide Professional Services

Our aim is to put a stop to the need of both people and business alike, to have to send their equipment to the UK to be serviced. We even collect and deliver your newly sharpened equipment, no matter how big or small.
We offer a full range of sharpening services for all kind of customers and their equipment. We only use the very top of the line, professional sharpening machines.

Professional Scissor Sharpening

We can sharpen any type of scissors from top of the range Japanese hairdressing to domestic household scissors. We always assess the condition and pre-test your scissors prior to sharpening, we then sharpen, clean, polish and balance and if required we replace any worn parts.

Convex salon scissors are sharpened in a slightly different way to the normal beveled edge scissors. To maintain the factory condition of convex scissors they are dismantled before sharpening enabling both blades and the ride area to be sharpened correctly. This will ensure accurate cutting every time. The scissors are then cleaned, polished and balanced.

All scissors are tested before they leave us.

We offer a drop off and collect service and also a postal service.

Clipper Blade Sharpening

We service and sharpen most makes of clipper blades including Wolseley, Oster, Andis, Wahl, Aesculap, Heineger and Lister. When sharpening your horse blades we use industrial lapping machines which are used in their manufacture ensuring the correct profile for optimum performance.

When we receive your blades they are cleaned and inspected, after sharpening they are demagnetized, disinfected and oiled. To ensure maximum performance we then test and check all blades and make any adjustments necessary before they are returned to you.

  • Hair clipper blades
  • Dog clipper blades
  • Horse clipper blades
  • Sheep shearing blades
  • Topiary shear

Knife Sharpening

Blunt knives can be frustrating to use, slow you down and with the extra effort required to use them, accidents and repetitive strain can occur.

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your knives, and although using a steel at home may rejuvenate your blade for a short time, eventually it will become ineffective and it will need to be returned to its original condition by a professional sharpener.

The Sharpeners offer a first class service and can sharpen any knife whether it’s an old beloved kitchen knife or a top of the range chef’s knife such as Kai Shun or Global, we only use slow running wet stones to ensure the finest edges are created, by keeping the blades cool during the sharpening process we can maintain the blades temper ensuring steel hardness resulting in a much longer life for your knife.

Clipper Servicing and Repair

To keep your clippers in good working order we recommend you have them serviced every 12 months.

We regularly service and repair most makes of equine and dog grooming clippers and trimmers. We service the leading makes such as Wolseley, Lister, Heineger, Liveryman and Oster but we do not service machines that are made in China as we cannot supply spare parts.

Servicing normally takes 4 days however if spare parts are needed that we do not stock the service time may take slightly longer to complete also during busy periods the turnaround may change.

A full service will include:

  1. Inspection of the machine for any damage or wear
  2. Completely dismantle, strip and clean all parts
  3. Oil and grease internal mechanism
  4. Re-assemble and mechanically test
  5. Mandatory test the electrics (PAT Testing)

If there are parts that are worn and need replacing we will call you beforehand to give you a price for repair. If when the clipper is taken apart it’s found to be unrepairable or you do not wish us to proceed, there will be a charge of £15.00 to cover the cost of the inspection.

Rechargeable clippers sent to us will need to be accompanied with their internal or external battery to enable us to test them.

You can drop your clippers off to us and we will notify you when they are ready to collect, for a small charge we also offer a collection and delivery service to customers within a 20 mile radius of our workshop, you can also send your clippers to us in the post using our online form.

When posting please ensure your clippers are safely wrapped and protected preferably in a box, include your details and any instruction or information you have. If you are also sending blades with your machine to be sharpened, please wrap them separately and do not leave the blades attached to the clippers.

If you are aware of a fault, please give us as much information as possible, we will conduct a thorough examination and notify you of the fault and cost of repair.

Saw & Tool Sharpening Service

We do all different type of garden shears, low movers, hedge trimmers,chainsaws blades, secateurs and many many more




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