Dog grooming

In order to preserve the life of all your dog grooming scissors, whether they are right or left handed scissors, you must maintain them. There are important factors which will influence your dog grooming scissor’s longevity: cleaning your scissors, oiling them, checking and correct the scissor’s tension, storing your scissors safely and sharpening. 

To maintain a dog grooming scissor’s performance, ensuring that the scissor is serviced and sharpened, it vital. All dog grooming scissors are given an extremely sharp edge at the point of manufacture. This sharp edge will naturally blunt over time. However, there are a number of factors which can cause dog grooming scissors to blunt quickly. Having your dog grooming scissors serviced and sharp will maintain your scissor’s longevity and keep your scissors performing at their best.

I am asked frequently how often do dog grooming scissors need be sharpened and to help answer this question, I am going to set out a list of cases which will help you gauge whether or not your dog grooming scissors need sharpening.

Depending on how often you use your dog grooming scissors, the following cases may only apply every few months or annually.